Dead Panic Lite App Reviews

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Challenging, but that's a good thing

Fun, original, replayable game with a helpful tutorial. If you want to change the difficulty, tap the gear icon at the bottom right of the main menu or in the pause menu during a game. Normal difficulty does feel a bit overwhelming at times, even for Survival play. Ideas for improvement (and forgive me if some of these are Lite limitations): - Because of the dependence on upgrades, make them buttons along the top that can be accessed more quickly and easily - Upgrades like Double Damage expire too quickly; change "Upgrade" wording to "Power up" if they're temporary - Drop random power ups when undead are killed - Music provides a creepy ambience but gets repetitively quickly; cycle it more often - More undead variations

I like it

It is very addicting, and there is a way to change the difficulty.

Way too hard

Game is too hard and there is no way to select difficulty

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